Receive automated payment notifications to your server


Webhooks are a great way to create a payment processor or custom payment flows without using too many resources. You can link your website endpoint in the Dashboard or by using the Create Webhook endpoint.


Poof provides a Shared Secret Key in your dashboard if to validate that an incoming Webhook is coming from Poof.

The secret key will posted within payload using the Dictionary Key:

{x-poof-signature: your_shared_secret}

An example incoming webhook for payment notifications is:

{"amount": "15", "payment_method":"btc", currency: "USD", "payment_id": "1ktew9pzaw", 
 "name": "Joe Swan", "email: "[email protected]", "items": "", 
 "quantities": "", "date": "Aug 13, 22:51 PM 2021", "note": "",

We recommend using to test how each webhook functions. Poof will provide internal testing tools in the near future, that can be accessed through the Dashboard.