Accept payments, send payouts, or build the next Paypal on the fastest Web3 payments infrastructure.


Get Started with an API key and code your own payment flow in the next hour! API keys would be passed into the Authorization section of the header.
headers={"Content-Type": "application/json", "Authorization": your_key}

Looking for the former API version? It can be found here!

Add Payment Methods

Next, link any payment methods in your Dashboard! You'll need payments enabled in order to interact with the APIs. All it takes is one click!

Link payment methodsLink payment methods

Link payment methods

Not looking to program?

Follow this guide to integrate Poof Checkout to collect payments on your website.

Poof Checkout ExamplePoof Checkout Example

Poof Checkout Example


Poof lowers the barrier to entry for accepting and sending payments.

There's no setup fee and no fee for direct payments.

Poof is completely free to use for direct payments and requires 0 setup fee. You can read these guides here on setting up various applications.

Poof is also has a developer friendly REST API, and documentation in all major languages!

Copy paste a code example! Give it a try.