Simple hosted checkout that enables merchants to collect payments.

Collect Payments with Poof Checkout

Poof provides a prebuilt hosted checkout that allows merchants to collect payments. Collect one-time payments from business invoices to product purchases from payment methods such as Bitcoin to Credit Cards.

Let's get started:

Choosing Payments to Display

To get started, link any payment methods in your Dashboard! Payments linked will automatically be displayed at checkout. All it takes is one click.

Poof Dashboard

Poof Dashboard

Payment Buttons

Embedding a payment button on your website is a quick and easy way to start accepting cryptocurrency and credit card payments payments. For a more customizable control over how users are redirected to checkout, we recommend the checkout API.

Poof offers two types of payment buttons.

Product Payment Buttons

For further customization, you can follow the create checkout API on all the fields you could pass in!

  1. Product Payment Buttons
    1. Default payment button used in many E-Commerce Stores
    2. Simplifies cart setup, product management, and checkout creation
  2. Checkout Payment Buttons
    1. Requires modification of Javascript code to create checkout
    2. More control over how checkouts are created using the API.
  3. Create your Own
    1. All payment buttons call this endpoint. Requires technical setup but gives you full control over how checkouts are made.

Third Party Requirements

For third party marketplaces and websites that generates checkouts on behalf of their users, Poof provides instant payment notifications (for webhooks). All you would need is:

  1. A Poof Username
  2. Your receiving webhook URL for payment updates
    1. Pass in this parameter in api/v1/checkout instant payment notifications.

This would allow you to generate checkouts on behalf of users and redirect after completion.