Internal ACH Transfers

Send money on across banks connected to Poof.

Poof Pay Internal ACH Transfers

Poof Pay is a free-to-use ACH transfer payments system like Zelle or Venmo. Poof connects you to the ACH network, where you can send money to any person or business with a US bank.

This is done privately and securely, where all accounts are verified, but personal and private information are redacted from both parties, with a Poof Tag.

There is zero transfer fee for sending money through bank accounts. All secure details, from your account number to personal information are kept private from the other party throughout the process.

Poof Pay is a web-based & free programmable alternative to transfer systems such as Cash App, Venmo, Paypal, and Zelle.

Send Money

To get started, visit Banking -> Poof Pay. Select a transfer amount and the Username of a Poof User. The other user must have a bank account linked and set up with Poof for the transfer to complete.

Select a Bank Account

A dropdown will appear with your linked banks. You can select which bank to initiate a payment from.

Send Transfer

You'll see a confirmation screen before initiating a transfer.


A transfer will be initiated to the other bank account. Poof enhances your personal privacy, redacting your account numbers and personal information from the other user in the transfer details.

You and the other user will be able to see incoming payments in the Bank Accounts tab as well as the Transactions tab.

ACH transfers on average take 3 business days to settle to the other account. RTP functionality for bank accounts that support it will appear instantly.

This feature will appear as an available option for some users on Checkout soon.