Open Banking API

Banking related APIs are currently a restricted and private endpoint. Please contact [email protected] with your business use case to gain access.

Banking Connections

Poof's banking connection feature help users to securely connect and access data from their bank accounts. Poof takes a privacy-first approach and only enables access to information necessary to send payments and debit payments between bank accounts.

Account Identity Verification

Poof allows users to securely connect and verify their bank accounts. This service helps to ensure that the account belongs to the user and that the user has the necessary permissions to access the account.

Fetch Account and Routing Numbers

Poof allows businesses to fetch a user's bank and routing number information as part of the account verification. OAuth connections with Bank Accounts enables banks to verify routing and account numbers securely with Poof, skipping the microdeposit process.

Tokenize Bank Accounts

Poof automatically tokenizes bank account information into Poof Tags, making your service compliant with regulations and data storage. Tokenizing a bank account involves replacing the sensitive bank account information, such as the account number and routing number, with a unique identifier called Poof tag/username. The token serves as a substitute for the actual bank account information, and can be used for transactions without revealing the actual account details.

Automated clearing house (ACH) payments

ACH Payment Bank Account Debit

Poof allows businesses and developers to pull payments from a linked bank account through an API. ACH debit transactions are commonly used for recurring payments, such as monthly bills, and can also be used for one-time payments.

ACH Payouts

Poof sits on top of your existing bank and gives it an powerful API. Poof enables automated ACH payouts, also known as ACH credit transfers, which allows businesses or individuals to send money from their bank account to the bank account of another party. ACH payouts are commonly used for payroll, vendor payments, refunds, and other types of payments. ACH payouts are typically processed in batches, and can take 1-3 business days to settle, depending on the receiving bank's processing time.

Pay with Bank Transfer (Pay with Poof)

Poof allows businesses and developers to accept and send money from other users on the Poof Payments Network. With a Poof Username, you can send money privately from your bank account to another bank account, similar to the Zelle payment Network. This is available at Checkout, in the Dashboard, or via the API.