Link and Accept Card Payments

Guide to accepting Credit Card payments on Poof

Step 1: Create a Poof Account

To get started, create a Poof account Sign up takes 30 seconds!

Step 2: Visit Poof Link

Visit to link you payment methods. Link Card Payments along with Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Press activate charges to fill out some of your personal info and what you plan to use card payments for. Poof is required to collect this information to card networks and partner financial institutions!

Step 3: Fill out Personal Information

There is a three part form to activate card payments! All sensitive submitted information is completely encrypted and only decrypted for you to view. Please make all information submitted matches any documentation that you have from the government.

Step 4: Wait for Card Network Verification

If all your submitted information is matches, then you can start accepting Card Payments right away on Poof. Payments will show up right away on checkout and any other integration you have.

If there's any error with verification, it will appear on top of

You can correct submitted information. If any other information is required outside of submitted info, you can contact [email protected] and we'll work to correct it!

Step 5: Accepting Card Payments

Poof! Once you press the blue link button, you can start accepting credit card, debit card, Apple Pay, and Google Pay payments.

The option to pay with credit cards will appear on Checkout. You can link Checkout on other websites, accept card payments for billing/subscriptions, or use card payment checkout on Poof apps.