Blockchain Testnets

Test Blockchain APIs with testnet currency

What is a test network?

A test network, also known as a testnet, is a simulation of the blockchain network that is used for testing purposes. It allows developers to test and experiment with their decentralized applications (dApps), smart contracts, and other Ethereum-based projects without using real ether or affecting the security or stability of the main network.

Testnets often have different properties compared to the main network, such as faster block times or reduced network security. This allows developers to test their projects in a safe and controlled environment, without having to worry about the consequences of making mistakes or encountering bugs.

Poof currently supports Ethereum Sepolia Testnet for testing purposes. The price is pegged to the price of Ethereum and functions the same as if you were transacting with Ethereum on Poof.

Top Ethereum Sepolia Testnet Faucets

The Ethereum Sepolia faucet is a platform that gives out free Ethereum tokens to users for completing certain tasks or participating in promotions. To get free Ethereum Sepolia Testnet currency on Faucets, you can visit the top faucets here:

  1. Rockx Sepolia Faucet - Requires Twitter Account
  2. pk910 - Requires Time and Computational Power for mining

Sepolia Testnet Information

To connect to Sepolia Testnet you can connect your wallet, such as Metamask, to the testnet and fill in the information below:

Sepolia Testnet RPC Endpoint List

A list of Sepolia Testnet RPC endpoints are as follows:


Chain ID

The chain ID of the Sepolia Testnet is 11155111.